Become a member

What if I want to join a training session?

  • We encourage you to attend up to three training sessions so you can ensure yourself that Hercules Handball is a good fit before you sign up.
  • Just send an email to with your name and birthdate to let us know you want to join a training session.
  • Either the membership administration or a trainer for your age category will let you know when that group has their regular training session and you’re welcome to join.

What if I want to join the club?

  • If you liked the training sessions and want to join Hercules Handbal, complete the registration form (2022-2023).
  • Please complete the form as much as possible and send it, along with a digital photograph, to The membership administration will you use your information to enlist you with the Dutch handball federation (Nederlands Handbal Verbond) so you can participate in games (if you would like that).
  • After you have been enlisted at the NHV, the membership administration will also send you a confirmation as well as an invoice explaining exactly how much the fee is going to be, when you have to pay, or when your account will be charged.

How much does it cost?

Contribution fee
  • Every member is associated with a specific category. Those categories have been defined by the NHV.
  • The membership fee differs per category and is determined by the age of the member on the 31st of December of the current season.
  • It is possible that a youth member plays in a different (usually higher) category than his / her age dictates. In that case, the contribution fee will remain linked to the category that belongs to the age.
Age on 31 December 2022 Category Playing membership fee Non-playing membership fee
 G N/A € 81,00
  5 – 6 years Mini € 81,00 € 81,00
  7 – 8 years  F € 190,00 € 153,00
  9 – 10 years  E € 220,00 € 176,00
 11 – 12 years  D € 244,00 € 196,00
 13 – 14 years  C € 273,00 € 219,00
 15 – 16 years  B € 305,00 € 243,00
 17 – 18 years  A € 320,00 € 280,00
 19 years or older Senior € 396,00 € 316,00
 19 years or older Recreation € 227,00 + € 50,00 (**)
NHV member only Non-playing € 156,00 € 156,00
Registration fee All members € 10,00 € 10,00
(**) Recreational players that also want to join the senior training sessions will have to pay an extra fee of EUR 50.
  • The handball season officially runs from August 1st until July 31st. In August, the outdoor season starts, but after the autumn holiday, we move back inside until March/April. The season usually ends in June, with some occasional tournaments to wrap up the year.
  • Members that join throughout the season pay a proportion of the normal fee. Upon registration, the membership administration will calculate the fee based on the registration date.
  • At the beginning of the new season, or even up to the moment when the indoor championships start, a lot of new members still register. For those members, we still need to pay fees to the handball federation as if they were a member the entire season. That’s why registrations before the 1st of November will require the full yearly fee.
Selection teams
  • Note that this also applies to certain teams from the A, B and C categories, provided they play in the national league.
Category Additional fees
 C  € 13,00
 B  € 15,00
 A  € 20,00
 Senior  € 52,00

How do I pay?

  • Before the new season starts, or as soon as you have been registered, the membership administration will send you an email containing the invoice as well as the dates at which your account will be charged by the ING bank.
  • In case you chose for us to automatically charge your account, and this fails for some reason, we may include a penalty of € 5,00 the next time we try.
Date of charge 1 term 4 terms 10 terms
27-08-2022   Charge 1 Charge 1
27-09-2022 Charge 1   Charge 2
27-10-2022     Charge 3
27-11-2022   Charge 2 Charge 4
27-12-2022     Charge 5
27-01-2023     Charge 6
27-02-2023   Charge 3 Charge 7
27-03-2023     Charge 8
27-04-2023     Charge 9
27-05-2023   Charge 4 Charge 10


  • If you have access to the Ooievaarpas, the reduction pass offered by the city of The Hague, please make sure you explicitly mention this on the registration form. You will receive a discount on the contribution fee. You can find more information about this pass in English here.
  • When a child has received the Ooievaarspas, it’s possible to request materials through Stichting Leergeld Den Haag. Please check their site for more information.


Hercules is an association and not a company. This means that all tasks at Hercules are done by volunteers. We expect every member and/or parent (of children until B) to contribute to this. The standard is that everyone works a bar service a few times a year. However, much more needs to be done to keep the association going. You can think of training, coaching, becoming a member of a committee, etc. For all vacancies you can look at: I become voluntaryer. If you are interested, please contact the volunteer committee:

Certificate of Conduct (VOG)

  • For every volunteer that works with juvenile members, Hercules will request an official Certificate of Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag, or VOG, in Dutch). Next to the Golden Rules of Hercules, this VOG serves as one of the measures we take to ensure our club provides a socially safe environment for practicing sports, in particular for minors.

How do I cancel my membership?

  • Your membership continues until you formally request a cancellation.
  • The handball season runs from August 1st until July 31st, so the membership administration needs to receive your cancellation before May 31st. You can do that by email through
  • As of June 1st, the membership administration will sign up all members at the handball federation and determine the budget for renting the sports hall at Boswijk that season. This budget is then used to build a training schedule that provides sufficient room for all teams to practice. Because of this, cancelling your subscription after May 31st means you will need to pay for the entire season.

I am injured. Now what?

  • Make sure you report this injury to the membership administration as soon as possible.
  • When you’re injured, the first three months are at your own risk. After that, we can change your status to a non-playing member, which will reduce the contribution fee significantly.
  • As soon as you have recovered and want to play again, let the membership administration know about it.

The Golden Rules of Hercules